The booking has NOT completed. The reasons can be:

The session timed out - (the rate may no longer be available if someone else was booking at the same time) The time has passed - a lot of customers are booking for the same day, and have not adjusted the time for the afternoon The flight detail is not correct - if airport arrival, the flight details are very important and some suppliers will not complete the booking without it. 

What to do:

Resend details after checking flight, times, etc. and complete. In most cases this works. Suppliers operate on a supply and demand basis, which means someone may have been trying to book the same car as you and got in first. So please try again, if you're quick you'll find another deal straight away, if not, you can always call us and we can guide you through it!

If you’re travelling in another part of the world or would like more specific support about your journey, please contact us.