A Rental Agreement is the contract between the Customer and the Car Rental Company that must be agreed to & signed by the Customer before getting on your way.

It outlines the details of your car rental including the car type and particulars, driver details, your journey start date, return date, pick up and drop off times.

The Rental Agreement also states the cost of hiring the car and any additional fees or charges that apply to your rental such as an Administration Fee or a Premium Location Surcharge.

Further, details of any existing damage to the rental vehicle and any specific terms and conditions that apply to your rental will be included in your Rental Agreement.

If you’re travelling in another part of the world or would like more specific support about your journey, please contact us. 

An example of a Europcar Rental Agreement and associated documents provided upon collection of the car is attached below for reference only. In addition to the documents below, a full copy of the Europcar Terms & Conditions was provided to the Customer.

NOTE, the example documentation is from 2015 so changes and updates have most likely occurred in the interim.